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Grounded designs and installs natural gardens and shorelines using native plants in Haliburton County, Ontario.

Lawn Replacement and Native Plant Gardens

Lawns, long a symbol of garden perfection, have environmental and psychological implications. Transform your garden into a landscape that benefits you – and nature.
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Shoreline Naturalization

Haliburton County’s lakes are its lifeblood, and healthy lakes require healthy shorelines. We can help bring your shoreline back to life.
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Septic System Landscaping

Don’t know what to do with your septic bed? Using it for a native plant garden is a great way to combine functionality and natural beauty.
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Our Process

Here's how we'll work together to create your natural garden or shoreline:

1) Initial Meeting: Our first step is meeting with you right in your landscape. This is where we'll chat about your goals, ideas, and needs.

2) Design and Plants: On signing a design contract, we ask for a 50% nonrefundable deposit for the plants. Once that's sorted, we'll order your plants and give you a rough timeline for delivery or garden installation. Our designs are crafted on-site, which brings a few advantages: it allows us to tailor the design to your home's unique character, draw inspiration from the surrounding environment, and lets you have a say in any last-minute tweaks.

3) Installation and Initial Care: We handle the installation, unless you’d prefer to plant them yourself. The prime months for planting are generally May to June and Labour Day to Thanksgiving.

4) First-Year Support: As part of our service, and to ensure your garden thrives, we offer at least two complimentary consultations during its critical first year, provided you proceed with our design. We'll walk through your garden with you, helping identify weeds, advise on watering and mulching, and discuss other care practices. It's all about guiding your garden from its early stages to a flourishing ecosystem over 3-4 years. This attention in the early days pays off, often as early as the second year. And remember, we're just an email or text away for any queries.

5) Ongoing Management: Gardens need care, and ours are designed to be low-maintenance. However, especially in the first few years, some attention is needed to ensure your garden continues to thrive. We will provide you with the information you need to take care of your garden.

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