Sign about a SuDs installation.

On bioswales, SuDS and rain gardens

There are many ways to create a natural garden – and some of those ways can fulfil vital roles for us.

Here’s a sign about a SuDS installation. SuDS (Sustainable Drainage System) is basically a way to use plants and the ground to improve drainage. Instead of concrete which funnels water quickly away and could be overwhelmed in heavy rain, natural drainage systems allow the water to sink into the ground slowly.

One of my favourite installations is the Grey to Green project in Sheffield, created by Nigel Dunnett. It’s inspiring. Useful and beautiful. Definitely worth clicking the links.

I’m hoping to do something similar at Lucas House in Haliburton. Our parking lot has a tendency to flood, but if we sloped it better into a bioswale (another word for this kind of thing), the water would soak in right there. And provide more habitat for wildlife. A win-win!

Here are some pictures of bioswales and rain gardens. Click the post to see more.